Orange Raises The Price of The Bond to Squirrel Data on Prepaid in Exchange for More Megs

Orange begins to follow in the footsteps of its rivals in terms of the price increases have been applied Movistar and Vodafone in recent times but for now does so only on prepaid for users with rate squirrel who hire a bonus data promptly.

Then give us hope that not would raise rates when it fired Hummingbird rate and that it does not any higher prices as long as it remains available as alternative contract squirrel, the rate will be from May 24 when it starts to give a small change of course.

Available to squirrel data bonus prepaid will pass 200 to 300 MB and 3 to 4 euros per month, which is, again, a worsening of the conditions of the rates lower to push users to hire more expensive rates. In the case of Orange, the whale rate includes 1 GB by 8.95 euros, better even than in contract.