OnLive: Play in The Cloud Can Be Seen in The HTC Flyer

When HTC introduced the Flyer HTC at MWC in Barcelona this year there were two things that pleasantly surprised us: hand his touch and the other pencil the introduction of OnLive, or what is the same, play in the cloud no need to worry about having a powerful hardware.

Pencil we know much but the truth is that we did not know hardly anything about how OnLive in the HTC tablet. Now, thanks to the guys from Engadget, comes a video of its operation and some very positive impressions.

The operation onlive, as you can see in the video, responds very well and just note a delay in the signal, beyond the tolerable and inevitable, so the gaming experience is pretty good. Which is appreciated since when OnLive announced aroused many doubts on this issue.

To play OnLive you won’t need to use if not tactile interfaces a remote control that is included When we purchased the subscription of the service. Another good detail already than the catalog of Onlive games (such as Virtua Tennis) would be impractical with a virtual touch remote control.

At the moment OnLive is only available in United States, Although in this month of June, the company will open the deadline to sign up to the beta in the United Kingdom. We do not know how to reach Spain but we hope soon to be able to squeeze the HTC Flyer.

HTC Flyer video