On-Body Detection: Smartphone Remains On The Body Unlocked

Google will bring a new intelligent way of protection for our smart phones…

This was called”feature”On-Body Detection”lollipop will be for devices from Android 5.0 available. For this feature, not a new sensor installed, but used an existing. The accelerometer detects when you have the Smartphone on the body and makes it then

unlocked. This means: as long as you have the device in its physical proximity, it remains unlocked. Is discarded but the phone’s automatically locks itself because the acceleration sensor to detect no movement. As far as the theory.


Because the sensor only registers that the Smartphone is moved, but not who moved it, remains it also unlocked, when the owner is there someone else in the hand. Warns smart lock even before the user activated the on-body detection. On-body detection is part of the function smart lock of Android, which has introduced Google with Android 5.0 lollipop. More features to unlock are the set of places where smart lock which disables lock screen, or which does not lock the Smartphone devices such as Smartwatches, in their vicinity.

Available only on nexus devices

Currently, the on-body detection for now mainly on the Google nexus devices is available and not part of a regular update of the lollipop. Probably but at least version 5.0 requires lollipop of the Android operating system, to be able to use the feature. The update seems like other new functions previously to be installed via the Google play services on Android devices. Not speaking yet at what time this happened and which smartphone models enjoy the new feature coming, at the present state.