Oman Travel Overview

Oman Travel Overview

At a glance

Capital: Muscat (See more on ITYPEMBA.COM)

Official language: Arabic

Currency: Rial

Continent: West Asia

Magical Oman

An Oman vacation offers barren deserts as well as green oases, magical beaches and rugged mountain landscapes. In Oman you will find friendly and cosmopolitan people.

Vacation Oman – fairytale orient

Today’s Sultanate of Oman was already settled in the Stone Age and around 3,000 BC. Known to the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Oman often represents the epitome of the image of the fairy-tale Orient. The eventful history tells of legendary riches due to the location on the Weihrauchstrasse, the Three Wise Men and stories around Sindbad the seafarer. Frankincense and nutmeg formed the basis of Oman’s wealth even in ancient times. Diverse trade relationships were the result and the Omanis acquired a legendary reputation as seafarers during trade trips. Oman is still very natural. You will find numerous old markets smelling of spices, magnificent mosques and old buildings that do justice to the concept of the classical Orient. The Sultanate of Oman is considered one of the safest travel destinations in Arabia. The Muslim Omanis are predominantly of the tolerant Ibadite faith.

Beach vacation Oman

Oman has magical sandy beaches that are perfect for a beach holiday, diving holiday or beach holiday. So you can enjoy the oriental sun during the day and the flair of a thousand and one nights in the evening. Classic leisure activities such as fishing, water skiing, sailing, diving, rental and learning courses are offered on the beaches. You can take part in camel races and horse races within the country.

Geography Oman

According to Countryaah, Oman is a sultanate in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and borders the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the southwest. The territory of the state also includes the Rus al-Jibal peninsula on Cape Musandam, north of the United Arab Emirates on the Strait of Hormuz, and the Madha exclave, which is enclosed by the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the Kuria Muria Islands and Masira Island are part of the national territory. The coast of Oman is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the south. The Gulf of Oman forms the border to the east.

Sightseeing Oman

Sights in Oman include the cities of Muscat, Salalah, Schisr and Nizwa as well as the archaeological excavation site of Matrah-Muscat. Muscat is located in the northeast of Oman. The city wall and fortress, which was built by the Portuguese and the narrow streets of the city and its old buildings, are worth seeing. Salalah is located in the south in the middle of coconut and banana plantations.

Oman climate

In Oman it is very warm in June and July. The temperatures rise to 35 degrees. The classic travel months include the winter months, which have temperatures of around 25 degrees, but occasionally heavy rainfall. The climate on the coast is subtropical and becomes tropical in the south.


Currency (sub-unit)

Riyals (1000 Baizas)

ISO 4217 code

OMR / 512


Continent: Asia

Region: west

Geo coordinates: N 21 ° 30 ‘45.3 “E 55 ° 55’ 23.7”

Highest mountain: Jabal Shams (2,980 m)

Total area: 212,460 km²

Mainland: 212,460 km²

National border: 1,374 km

Coastline: 2,092 km


Dependency: Portugal until 1650

UN member since: 1971

Other political affiliation: Arab League

Form of government: Absolute sultanate


Oman GDP - gross domestic product

Export goods: Petroleum, dates, fruits

BSP: $ 26,137,000,000

GDP: $ 25,873,000,000

GDP purchasing power parity: $ 41,020,000,000

Economic growth: 5.2%

GDP share of agriculture: 2.5%

GDP share of industry: 38.2%

GDP share of services: 59.3%

Inflation rate: 1.6%

State budget revenue: $ 4294967295

State budget expenditure: $ 4294967295

National debt: 7.3%

Export: $ 24.8 billion

Import: $ 11,430,000,000

Foreign debt: $ 3,783,000,000

Gold and currency reserves: $ 4,722,000,000

consumption: 10,472 million KWh

Gas reserves: 829,100 million m³

Gas production: 19,500 million m³

Gas consumption: 8,400 million m³

Oil reserves: 6,100 million m³

Oil production: 752,000 million m³

Oil consumption: 72,000 million m³

Cultivation area: 0.26%

Bovine: 346,000 pieces

Sheep: 400,000 pieces

Fishing: 136,000 t

Demographic data

Residents: 3.102.300

Residents in cities: 2,402,000

Average age: 19 years

0-14 years: 42.7%

15-64 years: 54.7%

> 65 years: 2.6%

Population growth: 3.28%

Birth rate: 36.24 / 1,000 residents

Death rate: 3.81 / 1,000 residents

Migration: 0.35 / 1,000 residents

Ratio men / women: 1.25

Fertility: 5.77 children / woman

Infant mortality: 18.89 ‰

Life expectancy men: 71.14 years

Life expectancy women: 75.72 years

Country codes

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: OM

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: OMN

ISO 3166 numeric: 512

Top Level Domain: om

IOC country code: GRANNY


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Telephone connections: 262,000

Cell Phones: 1,010,000

Radios: 1,590,000

TV: 1,640,000

Computer: 250,000

Internet users: 410,000


Paved roads: 11,582 km

of which expressways: 590 km

Cars: 518,000

Merchant fleet (ships over 1,000 GRT): 1

Pipelines: 6,786


Number of doctors: 4,050

Daily food intake: 3,320 kcal / resident

HIV- infected people: 1,300


Illiteracy: 23%


Foundation: 910

Last sovereign since: 1950


Main religious group: Muslims


Prison inmates: 2,700


Armed forces (troop strength): 42,000

Main battle tank: 100

Warplanes: 40

Helicopter: 30th

Defense Spending: $ 270,400,000