Now You Can Send Even More Money with MobilePay

Danske Bank’s success-app MobilePay now allows that you can transfer far larger amounts than before.

About two weeks smoking MobilePays thresholds significantly increased. Where MobilePay has long been limited to daily downloads at 1,500, is the summer doubled to 3,000 dollars and 21. September, you will be able to send up to 5,000 dollars via the app. It illuminates the Danske Bank on the company’s Facebook page.

At the same time, the company States that even a doubling of the threshold is in the cards: “good news from MobilePay: by the end of this year we highlight the daily limit to up to 10,000 DKK-And already from the 21. September, you can transfer the 5,000 DKK daily. “ Danske Bank writes in a status update.

Danske Bank ends by mentioning that by online purchase there is no limit-beyond it as bank account or credit card’s available funds might dictate.

Since Danish Bank introduced both CPR and Easy ID validations is the annual ceiling for mobile payments at the same time, been lifted. So can CPR registered user upload for 80,000 crowns annually, while Easy-ID registered users can spend for 150,000 dollars annually with the app.

MobilePay counts today over 2.5 million registered user and can be used in over 10,000 physical shops.