Notebook Review: Toshiba Satellite L300-1CM for 499 Euros in Mediamarkt


Works in the toshiba satellite an intel processor of type pentium dual core T3200 (two cores, two gigahertz clock rate). Although not a computer monster is, but he provided a decent pace of work in the test. Also power – and memory-intensive programs (as image, video and sound editing) ran pretty fast thanks to two gigabytes of memory. The memory can be upgraded easily to up to four gigabytes. For current games, the notebook is not intended: The graphics processor has to make do without own memory and calculated the average only eight frames per second, far too little for graphically elaborate 3D-spiele.

Data storage round 233 gigabytes of storage offers the drive pretty much for a laptop of this price class. The built-in DVD burner samsung worked quickly. Burned dvds in the negative format (DVD-R, DVD-R DL) but significantly higher failure rates showed. With plus CD-rs (DVD + R, DVD + R DL) the burn quality was, however, in order

Image quality the 15.4-inch (39 cm diagonal) screen in 16:10-widescreen provided a good overall image quality. Such as the most current notebook computers, the monitor has a high gloss finish. This leads to disturbing reflections in bright ambient light. There is only a VGA socket available for external screens. Digital connections (DVI, HDMI) are not available.

Environment/health during normal operation, the toshiba notebook worked quietly. It was a little louder under full load. In the battery operation held the device for about two hours through an ordinary performance.

Notebook toshiba satellite L300-1CM

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the equipment is relatively lean. So there are only a few connections: DVI and HDMI are missing also firewire and esata. The usual internet camera and a memory card reader also fell the red pencil to the victims. A wi-fi card is on board, bluetooth is still lacking. If you need this function, must purchase a suitable USB pin (price: 15 euros).

Toshiba limited warranty, two years. In case of defect the notebook at the customer is picked up and brought back after the repair.

Conclusion the notebook toshiba satellite L300-1 CM from media markt is a brisk, silent workhorse with ordinary endurance. Although the notebook not for current 3D games is good. Also, some connections are missing except for an internet camera. But despite the somewhat meager facilities the device for 499 euros is a bargain.

COMPUTER IMAGE test note: 2.83 (satisfactory)
value for money: Very cheap

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