Not Tea Trust to Pay on The Internet? with Privacy All Cards Can Create Virtual Want

With the amount of security problems faced every day on the Internet various services that a priori may seem reliable, would be the most normal thing in the world that you had reservations when it comes to give your card number on a page. Long time banks offer virtual prepaid cards, but this solution You may fall somewhat short If you usually keep funds in it because you update it regularly.

Privacy goes a little further: this service allows you to create a card for each transaction numbers. What do you are subscribed to a VOD service? You can create a specific card number for it and set a spending limit with him. That you want to sign in tests for other service and want to avoid that you forget to take it down and pass you the following fee money? You can “pause” or directly cancel the card so that you can not charge more.

Create a virtual card using Privacy is extremely simple, and you can do it directly from your browser with the extensions that are available for Chrome and Firefox (they promise they will soon add support for Safari and Internet Explorer). Once created, it is ready to use and will work at any store that accepts VISA cards.

The service is completely free but for now is only available with some banks operating in the United States, though they expect to reach more organizations soon. And, Yes, if you want to use it you have to trust in the Privacy to grant them access to your checking account.