Nokia Presents Purity Hd, Headset Built in Partnership with Monster

Along with some new smart phones, Nokia has also launched a new line of accessories, and one of them was developed and created in partnership with a famous brand of high quality cables, Monster.The result is the headphones called Purity HD.The headphones were presented during Nokia World via ebizdir , the company’s annual event, which takes place today (27) in the English capital, London.Together with smart phones with Windows Phone and other simpler models , Finnish Nokia also introduced a new line of high-quality headphones, which were developed and created in partnership with the company Monster, known for creating high fidelity cables for a series of handsets.

This line of headphones is the first fruit of the union between the two companies, which should yield more and more products in the future.

The line includes in-ear headphones (those that go inside our ear and which are the most suitable for external use), and also another that is that great phone, with sound quality much higher than the tiny earphones, and they are best suited for home use, as they draw a lot of attention for quite different design.

Both models come with music controls and give you the ability to answer a call while you’re listening to music, as both have a dedicated microphone.As the two headphones are of a high quality brand, do not expect a comrade price.There is still no official price information or when it will be released.