Nokia MX4 Supreme: 60 Megapixel Camera?

After the purchase of the Smartphone business from Nokia by Microsoft the Finns may bring more on the market until 2017 no own smartphones, what my hopes for an Android device with brilliant camera left. This could happen but now but on a trick.

Can give quite on the mobile business – or want to – not, apparently the Finns finally they presented a convincing tablet with Android in the last year with the Nokia N1. To bypass

the deal with Microsoft, there are now talks with Meizu as a partner. The Smartphones could then go about the name of the Chinese top manufacturer over the counter. Another big advantage for Nokia would be that they could use the production capacities of Meizu. Because Nokia has the technical knowledge in any case. With the Microsoft deal, they have however lost their production capacities.

MX4 Supreme

Several photos of a Smartphone have emerged on Weibo, there called Nokia Supreme (Meizu MX4 Supreme). You simply cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer Meizu and grabs the current flagship MX4, which is adapted here. Although Meizus Flyme OS is preserved, but is probably Nokia’s Z launcher for use. The Finns contribute a lot in terms of camera. There is talk even of a 60 megapixel sensor with Nokia’s PureView technology.

We already have a taste on Nokia’s camera technology with the Nokia Lumia 1020 get. This smartphone is equipped with a magnificent 41-mega pixel camera, runs Windows phone however the unpopular operating system.


The merger of Nokia’s camera technology, Meizus first class design and the Android OS operating system could become a serious competitor to the current flagships. We would be delighted.