No High-Heels? Then There Is No Red Carpet!

If that were true, it would be a great property. The organizers of the film festival in Cannes have had to deal with sexism accusations for some time and are criticized for the fact that women are simply underrepresented at the event. And now that.

“You can not come in here with these shoes!”

Just this little scandal makes the rounds: some women have probably not been allowed to perform Todd Haynes’ film”Carol”, in which Cate Blanchett plays the leading role. Why? Because they wore flat shoes. Not that they appeared in flip-flops or sneaky sneakers-the heels were only not 10+ cm high. This is like a bad village disko:”You can not come in here with these shoes!”

Clothes regulations in Cannes

Yes, there is a dress code at the film festivals, which also applies to men. They have to walk in the tuxedo over the red carpets of Cannes. This does not mean, however, how the shoes of the ladies has to look. Perhaps only a few over-zealous security officers have become important?
Why the whole excitement, one wonders, many of the gorgeous robes are nevertheless ground-level. No. This is really the principle. Therefore, how sexistically this whole glittering world is from Hollywood to Bollywood actually.

Everything invented?

Organizer Thierry Fremaux denied via Twitter that there is the high-heels regulation. The subject of director Asif Kapadia, whose wife vehemently opposed the shoe regulation, was further fueled. What’s wrong? You do not know that yet. A woman on Twitter summarized the whole theater well:”Women should wear high-heels on the red carpet, one in each hand to drive the fashion police.”