Nexus 7: Lg, Htc and Asus in the Narrowest Range

After the Nexus 7 is before the Nexus 7. A lot of time Google does not stay for the development usually, because first one must first decide for a manufacturer. This process alone seems to last six months, as reported in Taiwan. It is not until the end of the current year that the decision will be made as to which manufacturer is allowed to develop and produce the upcoming Nexus 7 mobile. In the closer selection stand next to ASUS also LG and HTC, at least this is asserted. All three manufacturers do not express themselves as usual to rumors of this kind, but this also means that they are not denied.

 HTC has already announced a tablet for the coming year, it could be the in-house counterpart for a coming Nexus tablet. Whether ASUS after two Nexus 7 and probably synonymous to the Nexus 10 for this year then already ran again may seem possible, but not quite the Nexus tactics of Google. At the latest after two devices of one class followed so far always the change of the manufacturer.

If a manufacturer needs a few sales more and more positive press, then it should be quite clearly HTC, which also some time away from the tablet market remained and should definitively with a Kracher back. If the information is correct, then HTC is currently so badly on the road, that they are not even the best processors of Qualcomm get delivered.