New Mobiles in December: HTC and Samsung Breaks the Christmas Peace

Here are the mobiles as when last chance before Christmas presents to be packed.

December is traditionally a quiet month in terms of launches. Producers will not venture to confuse the buying lustful with product launches in the midst of Christmas shoppingen. This year, the picture is slightly different and it seems that there will be fighting about other things than even for Christmas.

Top duel in the middle of Christmas peace.
Remember to spring feud between HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 comes we may need to relive the drama again. Samsung and HTC have chalk up each with their lover to Android throne for the winter.

In one corner we find Samsung Galaxy S4 4 g +, the small plus next to name indicates that from the outside it is an unmodified Galaxy S4, but where the difference is to be found under the hood. The 1.9 GHz fast engine block is drilled out to 2.3 gigahertz and on the Visual front, you will find the Adreno 330 graphics instead of the smaller 320 variant. The modem is now also updated and supports speeds up 150 mbit/s.

In the other corner have HTC not touched by the engine block, but instead made the whole Cabinet a millimeter thicker and heavier 13gr a predecessor. And then there’s otherwise drilled in the Cabinet to make room for an extra SIM card pieces and micro-SD card reader. Thus is HTC One Dual-the world’s first dual-SIM mobile in high-end class (death). We prefer the former One may now also available in gold.

Who runs with the price is unknown yet, for LG Nexus 5, LG G2 and Samsung Note 3 is not equal to tilt of the top of Android the cake. Samsung Galaxy S4 4 g + is out now and HTC One Dual is expected to be in stores in the course of next week.

Outsiders also enter

Looking beyond the usual actors there is exciting news from China, the United States and the United Kingdom. From the United States, you meet the Motorola Moto G: a cheap phone that puts up to havoc in budget class. The price is around $ 1200, but with 4.5 inch HD display, changeable covers, update to Android 4.4, and a quad-core processor delivers much more than what one might expect in this price range.

From East rolls Oppo N1 into. With its 5.9 inches screen an it a regular jumbofon but it can also bid with 3610 mAh battery, 2 GB RAM and Snap dragon 600 quad-core chip. Two unique feature comes forward: this one is a 13MP camera that can turn both forward, up and back, the second is the built-in Cyanogen Mod, an enthusiast-Edition of Android. It will be available from the 10. December at and the price lands around the 4500 us $.