Netflix Speed Test: Thus Is as It Measures The Quality of Your Internet Connection

A few days ago found that Netflix He had registered a domain and a new brand known as ‘Fast’, that according to the records of the Patent Office of the United States, would be focused on “providing a web site with no downloadable software for testing and analysis of a user’s Internet connection speed”. is a new web tool created by Netflix, which will serve for know the connection speed that gives us our provider of internet services, which seeks to provide a simple method and noise-free for user who only wants to measure the quality of your connection, which is essential to enjoy Netflix uncut., a simple way to know our internet speed

Ojo, we must not confuse with index ISP speed of Netflix, which measures the average speed per month and actual providers hours a maximum audience of Netflix, while Fast is aimed at the common user who just wants to know What is the connection speed that it currently has..

To perform this measurement, makes several downloads from Netflix servers to check the download speed we have at present, something very similar to the operation that we have available in a wide variety of web services and mobile applications.

The big difference between compared to other services, is the tool of Netflix Displays only the download speed, nothing ping, speed of ascent, latency, or other data, since according to the company objective is to have a simple tool for all the users and not a program of analysis and diagnosis for network, for this, engineers is offered a link to there himself, where we know our connection data in greater detail. is a simple, fast and without advertising, with a clean interface that It works both on desktop and mobile anywhere in the world, which will give us the quality of connection that we have available, in only a few seconds and if necessary, contact our provider will help us to know why we don’t have the speed that we hire.

David Fullagar, Vice President of content distribution architecture, mentions regarding

“We all want a better and faster Internet access, however, the speed of the Internet varies greatly and can be affected by other users of the network or the internet service provider congestion.” When we experience transmission problems, will allow us to check the download speeds we are receiving from our supplier. functions as other tools available around the world, including, and the results should be similar in the majority of cases”.