Multi-User Support Will Reach The Smartphones with Android L

Good news for Android users, especially for those who like to use their devices in family or lend them to friends, because it’s official that multi-user support to reach the smartphones with the new Android L.

It’s a functionality already implemented in tablets for a long time, and that allows you to configure in a device several user accounts each with individual applications and their configurations.

The information comes directly from the reporting tool problems of Android, in which a user claimed this multi-user support to Google, response to receive the confirmation that will be available in the next release operating system.

The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build.

In practice, you can configure as we have described several users, each with your account and your profile, keeping separate your configurations, your applications, and your customizations.

In addition, we know that there will be anything new in terms of business profiles, even with the possibility of implementing some features of Samsung Knox natively, so Android will become the most versatile option to use smartphones in different situations.