Moto by Lenovo Will Return Motorola, No New Smart watch

Lenovo had after the takeover of Motorola tried to build the brand Moto by Lenovo, but this went more or less backwards. Motorola should disappear from the mind, at Lenovo one wanted only the Moto brand. In the meantime one has to recognize that this was not a very good idea, simply because Motorola is a too strong brand in some markets and should be better developed.

And so you will do it again in the future, Motorola will persist. In retrospect, one considers the path taken in the meantime as an unwise one. At the same time, it is announced that within the next twelve months everyone in the US (and certainly also with us) will know the new Motorola.

Considering the glorious tradition of the once-American brand, this is definitely the right path. Motorola is among other things for the invention of the mobile phone. Today, as is known, almost every one, if not several.

Motorola as a brand continues to be established only by smart phones, as new smart watches  at WatchTutorials are currently not on the agenda. You do not want to design a product just to make it at all, the current market of smart watches currently does not produce acceptable sales figures. Motorola remains on the ball, but is currently not planning a new product.