More Than 270 Million Devices Already Use 10 Windows

Today has started the most important event for developers on the Microsoft calendar: in Build 2016 the focus is on all those who provide software solutions for different platforms of the Redmond company, and an especially outstanding is Windows 10.

During the inaugural event Terry Myerson gave one of the first striking data: There are more than 270 million active devices that are using Windows 10, something that is a good achievement for an operating system that takes eight months on the market. Eye: that is not the same as devices on which it is installed, a fact not revealed and who a month ago was 75 million devices based on Windows 10. In January of this year indicated that that number was 200 million.

More growth in sight, but… how long?

That rate of adoption, which we have talked about over these months, very fast was initially: free of this update to Windows 10 if one had a legitimate license for Windows 7 or superior made many will countenance the platform improvements.

Things slowed some time later, what did that Microsoft has implemented some techniques that have been criticized by forcing of more or less evident ways to users with versions prior to W10 to update to the new operating system.

These measures have allowed the evolution in the number of users and machines with Windows installed 10 grow. Recent output update to WinMo 10 in various terminals – at the moment not all are supported – no doubt it will help you grow those numbers, but it will also be interesting to see what happens at the end of July, When Windows 10 no longer free as update.