Misfit Vapor Presented: Waterproof Smart watch with Gps

Misfit is entering the market of Smart watches fully, the Vapor is a round Smart watch Nevertheless certainly for the one or the other interesting. Vapor is the new Misfit watch, which is also mainly designed for fitness and has a few special features. The integrated GPS sensor is certainly a good thing for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and a heart rate monitor is also integrated here.

Update: Meanwhile, there is a change, the summer clock will be equipped with the new Android Wear 2.0 now. Obviously, this has not worked with your own software or Android Wear now just fulfills the desired prerequisites.

And if you like swimming, you will love the waterproof case. Completely the package then still with the wireless music reproduction, in so far as her a suitable headset possesses. Otherwise the usual functions are integrated, next to the activity tracking sleep is also measured and on request can be read notifications of the smart phone.

The software has a few nice animations, but it does not seem to be overcharged or even too colorful. In addition, the menus remind a little of the Tizen watches from Samsung. With 1.39 “the display has the almost usual size of such watches at TimeDictionary, scarcely 200 dollars are due for the device during the year then.