Magical Boudoir Shooting: Christina Grjasin

Of the right wedding dress, we all dream of girls, and this dream, of course, does not stop at the wedding. Wedding dresses are always a mirror of the time we live in, and at the same time there is hardly anything so personal and individual. If the dress hangs after a long period of thinking and looking in the closet, the next question is: what is to be worn underneath? Of course you can always afford beautiful lingerie, but for the wedding it is again a special purchase. So why not bring the beautiful lingerie in front of the lens and also create a dreamlike memory for yourself, the future husband and the grandchildren?

A boudoir–shooting with the wedding gown and the wedding lingerie is a great opportunity to play model and to set yourself erotically. The word boudoir, by the way, comes from the French and means “pout”. It comes from a time when the ladies of society were in a bad mood in their locker rooms. The times are definitely over. been will not, and will not be trapped at all: instead, the great parts come to the body and then to the right pose. If not with the beautiful accessories that you have indulged in the wedding, let erotic pictures of yourself be made–when then? Wedding photographer Christina Grjasin has recorded the latest trend for you in enchanting pictures.

Have fun

Christina Grjasin: Accessories such as stockings, high-heels, necklaces, earrings, trays, suspenders and gloves not only accentuate the sexy charisma of the bride, they also leave a fine touch of eroticism. On the wedding day the groom gets the photographs as a wedding present! Whether before the wedding ceremony or after the celebration in the bridal suite, the bride is naturally left to himself.

Photos: Photography Christina Art of Light

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