Jewelry for the “Thigh Gap”: Stylish or Tasteless?

But a joke, isn’t it? This is the first thing that comes to mind, as I see the chain between the model’s legs hang. Or it is some freaky sex toy? No, it’s actually “Thigh Gap Jewellery” (jewelry for the thigh gap).

The now spontaneously says nothing who: some time ago was the Hashtag #thighgap as popular as in the criticism. He was the epitome of a dangerous beauty ideal, many women emulate. The free space between the legs is meant, if both feet are side by side on the floor.

With a sense of amazement and horror, I click me further through the online shop named TGap Jewellery. I can not imagine just that wants to help someone.

The Idea Behind The Shop

After a few seconds, a layer about the shop puts. The X-ray picture of a cymbal with the headline “The truth behind TGap jewellery” (the truth about TGap jewellery) can be seen. I click, will go to a base. Quickly becomes clear what is really behind the page: it’s a Kamp age of designer soo Kyung BAE from Singapore, which speaks out against an unrealistic body image on social media.

In The Fight Against Questionable Ideals Of Beauty fall still more absurd Hashtags such as #collarbonechallenge, #a4waist, #flatbelly and #slimlegs, which make it clear that Instagram & co. don’t really help educate us to be satisfied with us, but us fuel, when this “perfection” to keep up with.

The designer would like to deliver a food for thought and make clear what absurd trends are hyped and what pressure is exerted on us by we are confronted every day with perfect images.

By the way: Who an incredible way should actually come up with the idea to want to buy the chain for $ 155 to 175 euros on, is at the end of the order process on the enlightening campaigns page redirected byTGap Jewellery. There will be soon a new Hashtag named “thighgapjewellery” so fortunately.