Lightstrap Is Professional Flash Kit for Your iPhone

Apple’s own “True tone” flash technology on the flagship 5S improved markedly now with new crowdfunding project.

When Apple introduced the new iPhone os for 5S, they had improved the Flash, so images in the dark scenarios would give better results.

Now have firmat Brick & Pixel started a crowdfunding project designed to make the photos even better.

The project is called “Lightstrap”, and is an accessory for the iPhone and iPhone 5 5S. It writes our site.

Acts as snap-on cover
Lightstrap is a photographic tool, which guarantees you even better-looking images, when there is not enough light in the scene.

The device itself is mounted on the back of the iPhone, and therefore also a protective cover.

Working together and increases the strength
Lighstrap activated by use of the iPhones own flash, and can therefore be used with any camera app.

According to the manufacturer even then give Lightstrap 10 times stronger than the iPhones own blitz.

The image on the left is apparently from iPhone 5S ‘ own blitz and to the right with Lightstrap.

Reasonable battery life
The cover contains a 1000mAh battery, who reportedly had to cope with over 500 photos or a 30-minute video.

Depends on interested
On the page shows that the project depends on the Brick & Pixels for collected 245,000 USD within 3.January.

So if you are interested in equipment that can help with good party pictures, so you may need help with a contribution to the project.