Libya Travel Overview

Libya Travel Overview

At a glance

Capital: Tripoli

Official language: Arabic

Currency: dinar

Continent: North Africa

Travel and vacation in North Africa

Most of Libya is desert. But in the midst of a lot of sand, you can discover old cities, hidden ruins and magnificent oases.


According to Countryaah, Libya is a state in North Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt.

Vacation Libya

After the political isolation in the country, tourism in Libya does not yet play a role. This may change soon, because the country offers wonderful landscapes, but no rivers! Libya is the only country in the world where there is no constant flow. There are only wadis in the rainy season that fill up with water. When storing in wadis, caution is advised as travelers can put their lives in danger. Ironically, some have drowned in the desert this way.

Accessibility Libya

The capital Tripoli is the only destination to which international flights operate. From Tripoli, you can continue to travel the country by domestic flight. The Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways flies to African countries and offers charter flights from Tripoli to Frankfurt.

Discover Libya

Several historical and cultural sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Libya: the ruins of Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrene, the rock paintings of Tadrat Acacus and the old town of Ghadames.

Right-hand traffic prevails in Libya. Therefore it is not a problem to get a rental car. There are also trained guides for Sahara tours. With or without a guide, you shouldn’t miss a tour of the Sahara. However, they will need a so-called desert pass from the authorities. This is also for your own safety!

Travel security

Tensions have risen between Switzerland and Libya since Hannibal Gaddafi’s arrest in July 2008. Swiss citizens are not advised to travel to Libya.

Important facts

Capital: Tripoli

Official language: Arabic


Currency (sub-unit)

Dinars (1000 dirhams)

ISO 4217 code

LYD / 434


Continent: Africa

Region: North

Geo coordinates: N 26 ° 20 ‘6.4 ” E 17 ° 13’ 42″

Highest mountain: Bikuku Bitti (2,267 m)

Total area: 1,759,540 km²

Mainland: 1,759,540 km²

National border: 4,383 km

Coastline: 1,770 km


Dependency: Italy until 1949

UN member since: 1955

Other political affiliation: Arab League

Form of government: People’s Republic


Libya GDP - gross domestic product

Export goods: Petroleum, peanuts, skins

BSP: $ 37.889 billion

GDP: $ 38.446 billion

GDP purchasing power parity: $ 52.8 billion

Economic growth: 9.2%

GDP share of agriculture: 7.1%

GDP share of industry: 51.4%

GDP share of services: 41.5%

Inflation rate: 3.9%

State budget revenue: $ 4294967295

State budget expenditure: $ 4294967295

National debt: 7.6%

Export: $ 38.87 billion

Import: $ 14,664,000,000

Foreign debt: $ 4,472,000,000

Gold and currency reserves: $ 46.820 billion

Electricity consumption: 14,900 million KWh

Gas reserves: 1,321,000 million m³

Gas production: 7,670 million m³

Gas consumption: 6,990 million m³

Oil reserves: 40,000 million m³

Oil production: 1,787,000 million m³

Oil consumption: 254,000 million m³

Cultivation area: 1.22%

Sheep: 4,010,000 pieces

Fishing: 34,400 t

Demographic data

Residents: 5,900,800

Residents in cities: 5,103,400

Average age: 23 years

0-14 years: 33.6%

15-64 years: 62.2%

> 65 years: 4.2%

Population growth: 2.3%

Birth rate: 26.49 / 1,000 residents

Death rate: 3.48 / 1,000 residents

Ratio men / women: 1.05

Fertility: 3.28 children / woman

Infant mortality: 23.71 ‰

Life expectancy men: 74.46 years

Life expectancy women: 79.02 years

Country codes and abbreviations

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: LY

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: LBY

ISO 3166 numeric: 434

Top Level Domain: ly

IOC country code: LBA


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Telephone connections: 850,000

Cell Phones: 188,000

Radios: 1,590,000

TV: 1,080,000

Computer: 390,000

Internet users: 740,000


Paved roads: 59,370 km

Cars: 1,020,000

Merchant fleet (ships over 1,000 GRT): 18th

Pipelines: 11,284


Number of doctors: 8,010

Daily food intake: 3,350 kcal / resident

HIV- infected people: 17,000


Illiteracy: 17%


Foundation: 1949

Last sovereign since: 1949


Main religious group: Muslims


Prison inmates: 12,100


Armed forces (troop strength): 76,000

Main battle tank: 2,240

Battleships: 7

Submarines: 4

Warplanes: 410

Helicopter: 150

Defense Spending: $ 2,047,000,000


Arriving by plane

New Caledonia’s national airline is called Aircalin (Air Calédonie International) (SB) (Internet: All flights go via Paris, the flight time depends on the respective connection.

Air France (AF) offers direct flights from Paris to New Caledonia and connections to other destinations in the South Pacific. Air New Zealand (NZ), Air Vanuatu (NF) and Qantas (QF) also fly to New Caledonia.

Flight times

Frankfurt / M. – Nouméa: 25 hours (2-3 stopovers).

Air passes

The Sky Team Asia Pass (Internet: is valid for flights between Korea (Rep.), Japan, American Samoa, Australia, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. 3-8 flights (coupons) can be combined with each other. The pass is only valid in conjunction with an international ticket from a Sky Team airline; the trip must start outside the South Pacific and it is advisable to book flights in advance.

Flight Price reductions also offers the Air Calédonie Pass the Aircalin. Only foreign tourists can buy it.

Departure fee


Arrival by ship

The international port of Nouméa is used by several cruise lines.


Traveling by plane

Domestic flights are offered by Air Calédonie (TY), which connects Nouméa with all other towns and islands (Isle of Pines and Loyauté Islands). From Magenta Airport (GEA) Air Calédonie flies regularly to Touho (east coast), Koné, Koumac, Belep (west coast) and to the neighboring Ile des Pins airport as well as to the Loyauté islands of Maré, Ouvéa, Lifou and Tiga. Air Calédonie also rents charter planes. Light aircraft and helicopters can be purchased from Air Alizé (Internet:, Air Loyaute (website:, Helicocean and Helitourisme be chartered.

Flight times

Flight times from Nouméa:

Ile des Pins (Kunie): 30 min; Lifou: 50 minutes; Maré: 50 min; Ouvéa: 45 min; Tiga: 45 min; Koné: 35 min; Touho: 1 hour 05 minutes; Koumac: 1 hour 40 minutes; Belep: 2 hours 35 minutes.

From Nouméa to the following major cities (approximate hours and minutes):

Bus / car
Bourail 2.10
Hienghene 5.10
Cone 3.30
Poindimié 4.10
Thio 2.00
Tontouta 0.45
Touho 4.40

On the way by car / bus

Car: The road network covers approx. 5000 km.

Petrol stations
are available in every village. There are also petrol stations between the villages. Unit prices apply.

run all over the island. In Nouméa, regular buses run every 15-30 minutes between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. There are two tourist bus routes: The Green Line runs between Kuendu Beach, the city center and other beach resorts. The blue line goes to the Tjibaou cultural center. A tourist day pass is available which gives visitors unlimited use of the buses for 24 hours. More information from GIE Karnia Bus (Tel: 265 454. Internet:

Fares are based on time and distance. On Sundays and after 7 p.m. there is a surcharge. One should insist that the taximeter be switched on. In Nouméa there are taxi ranks in the city center and in Anse-Vata.

Rental cars
are available from international and local companies in the capital. Minimum age: 21 years (sometimes 25 years). Drivers must have their driver’s license for at least 1-2 years.

Motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles can also be rented.

Documentation: International driver’s license required.

Speed limits:
urban: 50 km / h,
extra-urban: 110 km / h.

On the way by ship

From Grande Terre there are regular connections to the smaller islands. The high speed catamaran “Betico” sails regularly to the Ile des Pins and the Loyalty Islands. You can rent boats for trips to the smaller islands. Further information from Compagnie Maritime des Iles / Havana (Tel: 27 04 05).