Lg Thinks of Intelligent Watch, Says Newspaper

Now there are four technology companies giving clues about the project.

After Apple, Samsung and, more recently, Google demonstrate interest in smart watches, behold, the LG also enters the game.

According to the Korea Times, the company prepares a prototype to compete in the sector (see existing models). Moreover, another product similar to Google Glass would be to rise from the South Korean belly.

The projects aimed at placing LG at the front of the market, assesses the Asian newspaper. “The company has spared no effort to build products that leave it at the top of the technology,” said the anonymous source heard by the vehicle.

The information does not confirm the operating system that should accompany the supposed watch, but Android and Firefox are quoted due to the partnership with the company.

‘ IWatches ‘

The wave of rumors surrounding intelligent watches arose by the mouth of the media. Apple has never quoted an official word about its alleged project, but the expectation has had sufficient strength to stimulate competitors.

This week Samsung was the first to position itself. Through his vice-president of mobile division, Lee Young Hee, warned that he conceived the concept “long ago”, but did not predict when he would be available to consumers.

Two days later, this Friday, it was the turn of Google to give the faces. Report published in the British Financial Times gives indications that the company has been preparing a model alongside the Android sector, unlike other designs of the genre–like the car that drives alone – which are usually touched by the division X Lab.