LG Revolution 2 and Its Incredible High Resolution Screen Will Show

This year LG has decided to make a major leap in the Android market. Proof of this are the terminals has launched so far 2011: LG Optimus 2 X and LG Optimus Black LG Optimus 3D. Three very interesting devices and that they have attracted the attention of many consumers in the case of the first two.

Well, it seems that the Korean company wants to continue betting for this niche market and once again returns to bet on very leading-edge technology to become one of the standards of the high-end Android with step snatch crowns Samsung Galaxy SII. With you: LG Revolution 2.

LG Revolution 2, dual-core and an outstanding display

LG was the first company to launch a handset with dual-core: the Optimus 2 X. Now, the Koreans again with this technology but with more power: a 1 dual-core processor, 5 GHz that moment the manufacturer unknown is but all indications are that there might be a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3.

Beyond your processor, 1GB of RAM or your camera’s 8 megapixel camera with LED flash What stands out most in the LG Revolution 2 is its screen. LG already demonstrated with the Optimus Black that you can do really good screens but this time he decided to go beyond for outperform the competition.

The LG Optimus will use a screen with True HD IPS technology with AH-IPS panel. To be clear: we are before a screen of 4 inches, 600 nits of brightness, a consumption of only 624mW and a 339PPI density, an amount that directly competes with the better-known Apple’s Retina Display.

As a curiosity, say that this technology is backed by a certification from Intertek where won ahead of the Super AMOLED Plus. We will see if this is sufficient to forward to the flagship of Samsung and position itself as one of the Android’s range most coveted high. Currently there are no departure date so we will be aware of the data that go out.