LG G Flex Rolled out in Asia

LG G Flex flekser the muscles outside Korea-but Europe must wait a little longer.

LG Announces that their curved Warrior could be acquired outside home country Korea. Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand can expect to receive the already next week. Other Asian markets can expect to LG G Flex will be available before the new year. Thus is LG G Flex a step closer to being able to adopt Europe-but only after the new year.

G Flex has made himself noticed by his atypical contoured shape, which at the same time can be bent and twisted without taking much of an injury. Another notable feature by G Flex is its healing back, as another Wolverine, patch small scratches on the back.

Besides being a gymnast is LG G Flex also well equipped: 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage, 3500 mAh battery, Snap dragon 800 quad-core, adorned with a cinema screen of a monitor on 6 inch. Screen using P-OLED technology as LGs counterpart to Samsung’s AMOLED ditto-viewing angles are wide and black is deep, deep black. Only appeal is that the screen has a resolution of, for size, modest 1280 x 720.