Led Head Flashlight with Zoom Bike Biker Camping Fishing

The Zomm Headlamp has four types of lighting: High Light, Low Light, Strobe and Blue Light, so you get several ways of using it.
It is ideal for those who like to venture, walking or cycling and for the execution of jobs that require directed lighting, hands free and back signaling.
This flashlight comes with two rechargeable batteries for easy use. It has a rain and dust resistant seal, has adjustable elastic bands for better fixation and safety, and plastic feed support with silicone head protection.
It has red LED signaling, this feature is much used by cyclists who like to pedal at night and workers who need to be signaled. In addition to conventional flashlight lighting at Polyhobbies, you can count on the bezel on the back of the holder when camping.

Available in the colors: Blue, Yellow, Silver or Black
Report by question or message the desired color, so that there is no delay in sending the product.

Water resistant
has high light, low light, strobe and blue light
has signaling rear red light
Beam Angle: 180°
White and Blue LEDs
has Zoom
approximate power of 5 Watts
2 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries/3.7V 5800mAh (each)

Included Items:
01 Headlight Flashlight
02 Rechargeable Batteries
Charger for Common Socket