Led Flashlight Bike Ws-115 Jws Led Cree Refillable

Led Flashlight Bike Ws-115 Jws Led Cree Refillable. WS-115 Cree Head and Bicycle Flashlight L2 530000 Lumens 188000w The Headlight and Bicycle Flashlight.

Rechargeable WS-115 is for you looking for a flashlight with great lighting power and great autonomy of use, it has the

powerful XM-L2 LED that provides up to 20% more lumens than the standard XML. The headlight and ws-115 bike is ideal for mountaineering,

camping, repairs, as it leaves the hands free for the activity. If you ride a bike, this flashlight can also be attached to the handlebars,

providing great illumination during the course. Using state-of-the-art technology, it features sophisticated Cree Led L2,

one of the highest performance and lightest Led lamps in the market. With its aluminum body, the WS-115 Headlamp is rugged

water, mud, rain and shocks. For its operation, the WS-115 Headlamp uses 4 18650 rechargeable batteries and comes with charger

bivolt (110v-220v). Besides having a unique mobile charging function!Application: A portable flashlight,

resistant, powerful, essential in emergencies. It can be used in your work, fishing, tracks, mountaineering,

camping, climbing, survival, night patrol, cycling, etc. Features-Portable-Water resistant-Shock proof-Corrosion proof-3 operating modes right button (led)

1 mode: 100% capacity (Economy Mode) 2 mode: 50% capacity (Super Powerful)

3 mode: Strobe (Used in emergency situations to signal your location)-3 modes of operation

left button (led contour) 1 mode: 100% capacity (Economy Mode) 2 mode: 50% capacity (Super Powerful)

3 mode: Strobo (Used in emergency situations to signal its location)-It has 9 types of combinations

in the central led and contour led operating modes-Uses micro-led Cree XML T6, energy-saving source,

being the consumption equal to 15% of a common lamp-188000w-530000 Lumens-Lamp life of up to 100,000 hours of use.

-Charger bivolt (110v-220v)-Charger has usb input to be able to charge the cell phone-Rechargeable Battery-Bicycle Adapter-Adjustable Headband Mount Dimensions (Approx.):

Length: 5cm Height: 3,5cm Width: 6,5cm Diameter of the.