Lantern Head Helmet Ce Tikkina 80 Lumens Petzl Blue

EC Headlamp Tikkina 80 lumens Petzl

The Tikkina headlamp is the most popular model among the lanterns of the famous French brand Petzl.

Producing 80 lumens, which illuminates up to 35 meters away for approximately 120 hours, this flashlight will not leave you in the hand after this deadline. With its technology, its brightness will gradually decrease, increasing the time of use of its 3 AAA size batteries.

However, if the word economy is what you want, you can use this headlamp in economic mode, which produces about 20 lumens, enough to illuminate 20 meters away for up to 180 hours!

Its focus has a wide and fixed aperture pattern, ensuring light for the entire field of view, facilitating hiking and even climbing. Petzl’s Tikkina headlamp has a system that allows you to adjust the height of the flashlight, making it easy to use on the head and helmets.

Being extremely light and reliable, this is also an excellent back up option in your equipment kit, whether for climbing a mountain in the Andes, climbing a big wall, or simply camping.

Its water resistance rating is IPX 4, which guarantees resistance to rain and interpéries.

The purchase of Petzl’s Tikkina Flashlight is suitable for anyone who wants a lightweight, reliable, low-priced headlamp that has great autonomy for activities such as trekking, mountaineering and climbing.

Two lighting modes:

Mode that prioritizes autonomy.

Power mode that prioritizes lighting.

Light beam wide.

Compact and easy to use:

Button to quickly and easily select lighting mode.

Washable tape.


Weight: 85 g

Technology: standard lighting

Light Beam Type: Wide

Power: 3 x AAA/LR03 batteries (included)

Battery Compatibility: rechargeable Ni- MH

Certifications: CE

IP X4 (water resistant)

Color: Blue w/White

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