Lacoste L! Ve: a New Line of Lacoste That Commitment by Continuing to Innovate

How already I said in his time when we present the progress of the collection Lacoste Stealth 2011, If there is something that can not be throw faces Lacoste is the desire to which puts him to renew and update continuously. In less than two years has done what few firms can say: take two new lines of clothing for young people. And has merit because we are not talking about Levi ’ s or Pepe Jeans, more accustomed to it, but are talking about Lacoste, one of the biggest and fixed den in the fashion world.

The new line of Lacoste, Lacoste L! ve, It was presented at the recent edition of the Bread & Butter and the truth is that it is surprising for its freshness and its new stylistic canons. Mainly bet, as with Lacoste Red! for the participation of the colors within the collection, and the game although you could say Lacoste l! ve is something more classic and elegant than her sister. But the best thing is take a look at the photos so that we will see of foot limp.

As already announced, the Navy style It will be one of the most widespread and seen this summer, trends but apparently it seems to be among us until last winter even with possibilities of staying until the season Spring-summer 2011.

Polos, t-shirts, jerseys and even two new models of shoes give shape to the collection. Without losing the style and the classic elegance of the French firm, Lacoste L! ve offers his most faithful followers renovated garments in pop colors. The lines; the main protagonists.

We find many degraded, Pastel touching almost white. Therefore the total white will predominate in this collection on the more sober and elegant looks based on the dark, earthy or brown colors. Pants, jerseys and shoes are committed to the pure and neutral tones.

In regards to the Poles We did not find much stylistic difference with respect to the rest of the signature lines. They are still regular fit, adjusting pretty well to the body and the only thing that varies are the designs, perhaps more innovative, futuristic and offenders the most basic lines but not break the mold with the already established.

The asymmetry It also plays a very important role within sets. Pretty different colors, intends to play not only with the chromatic varieties but also with lines and their optical effects, as it is the case of the pole of photography that gets a dynamic image of the set thanks to lines that, curiously, focus set on the signature crocodile.

Undoubtedly one of the most strong, safe and above all that predict success, It’s the shoe from Lacoste L! ve. There are two different models of shoes: one more classic, style moccasins, without laces and tongue that can be found in shades of very discreet & #8230;

… or on the contrary give all color with the Yellow lima.

And a special version of the Dessert Boot Clark ’ s, in which raw simplicity in the elaboration and the seams, with a finishing touch that is intended to resemble a craftsmanship (in the quality of the fabric or finish)…

…and that can also be found in more joyful and less discrete colors, ideal to combine with white pants or the more clear poles, since the collection is designed so that all garments are support and strengthen among them to achieve authentic looks modern and different.