James Bond Wants No Sony Xperia Z4

Sony is back in the headlines with his upcoming Sony Xperia Z4. This time, it’s about the product placement in the upcoming James Bond film spectre. Namely, the actor Daniel Craig wants to not have the Smartphone.

It was decided that thousands of internal mail from Sony when Wikileaks published some time ago. The large leak has shown not only concepts for the upcoming Sony Smartphone, but also the future flagship strategies to apply. This Sony specifically also relies on “Product placement” in blockbusters. Here, actors use the product and submit so it seem

that it’s a cool device. The best example is for example the car brand Aston Martin, which plays a large role in James Bond films. In this example, it goes to the upcoming James Bond movie “Spectre”, which will be released in early November. An exchange of letters between Columbia Pictures and Sony, which are responsible for the production of the film appears at Wikileaks. Both Director of Sam Mendes, also starring Daniel Craig are not interested to use the Sony Xperia Z4 in the film. The reason is that to use not the ‘best’ with your Sony phone and requires only the ‘best’ James Bond.

It’s not just Sony as a company willing to pay a lot. In a summer is not enough $ 5 million apparently, that it offers a moderately good device. Also Samsung should have offered his current flagship, the Galaxy S6, which not only has a new design. but also in us the number 1 in the ranking of claims. It is although not yet known, which device finally used by the world’s most famous agents, but could the Xperia Z4 is still used. In a further mail, it emphasizes that a “fair” offer could convince the actor from the Sony Smartphone. I know although not what fair will be $5 million, but it looks like it, that money alone is not enough; the device must have also a certain coolness factor. This is to find no longer with Sony lately. It looks more like a stoppage which will change but hopefully with the next flagship.