Inkjet Printer Canon Pixma Ts5051 in Test

The ink multifunction printer Canon Pixma TS5051 is at first sight compact and cheap. The test checks whether this is true.

The multifunctional printer Canon Pixma TS5051 belongs to the new series of inkjet-combi for the home. The manufacturer has omitted the fax function here. The device with printer, scanner and copier is in a white housing. As an alternative, the combi printer is also available in other colors-as TS5050 as well as TS5055 in black and TS5053 in gray.All models are identical and very compact built-at least hinged-so when they are not in operation.

Canon is using the ultrasound multi-functional devices in the TS series. In the case of the Canon Pixma TS5051, this is only as long as it is not needed and is therefore folded. In operation, it requires some space backwards and forwards for paper feeding and storage. In view of the device class, the ink combiner delivers good quality in an appropriate time. It is also prepared for the work of the mobile device. In the device price it is very cheap, in the maintenance he falls into the mediocre, but without the money bag excessively to strain.

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+Collapsed compact dimensions

+Wi-Fi Direct, Pictbridge WLAN


-no real switch

-many nozzle flushing

Features Of The Canon Pixma TS5051

On the outside, the Canon Pixma TS5051 resembles the already tested Canon Pixma TS6051 on the hair. The decisive difference lies in the interior: Contrary to the Pixma TS6051, the manufacturer renounces the TS5051 on a second paper tray. The back feed for a maximum of 100 sheets must be sufficient. You will also find a duplex printing unit for the TS5051 in vain. If you want to print a page at the front and back, you have to do this manually. Another difference is the control panel. As before, it can be folded up, but it lacks a touch function. This is a bit old-fashioned today, the more so since the sharpness of the display is correct and therefore we almost automatically try to execute commands by finger. Conscious: We quickly get used to the keypad, which is attached next to it.However annoying that the control panel itself is relatively thin built. So it swings pretty when tapping the buttons.

For the interfaces, the multifunctional printer Canon Pixma TS5051 relies on USB 2.0 and n-WLAN. For this purpose, he can be controlled via Wi-Fi Direct without a detour via the router. For corresponding cameras there is also a Pictbridge WLAN interface. Alternatively, SD cards can be inserted into the existing map slot. If the mobile device is to be printed and scanned, the multifunction device with Apple Airprint, Mopria, Google Cloudprint and the Canon Print app provides all the usual ways.

The Canon Pixma TS5051 has five separate ink tanks, which are also separated from the print head. The multifunction printer uses the ink series 570/571. With XL variants, 3.6 cents are calculated for the black and 7 cents for the colored sheet-side cost in the upper midfield, but typical for five color systems.

The power consumption values ​​differ according to the interface used: connected to the computer via USB, the Pixma model goes down to 0.4 watts in energy-saving mode. If we do it over WLAN, the consumption is in the best case at 1 Watt. If we press the power switch, the Pixma TS5051 does not completely disconnect from the power supply, but stays at 0.1 watts. This gives point deduction.

Quality-Good Results In Printing, Scanning And Copying

Canon is familiar with the proven technology on the Pixma TS5051. As usual with Canon models, the printing unit puts the ink full on the sheet. This gives the text pages easily readable letters in deep black, which are only rough on the edges. Colors are generally printed slightly bright, of which details in pictures or graphics benefit. The testcans also tend to be lighter than dark, but emphasize the red area consistently too much. This is the sharpness of the scans. This benefits the copies, which are also sharp, even if with pastel tones little detail. Here, the CIS scanner simply detects too little. In addition, the scanning unit at the blade end cuts off somewhat early. Content, which is close to the bottom, is thus lost. Over all disciplines the Canon Pixma TS5051 produces good quality, but often flushes the nozzles.

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Speed ​-Prudent Operation

To achieve the best results, the Canon Pixma TS5051 can not be rushed. At the same time, he does not cover the waiting period either. 52 seconds for ten text pages are correct. This also applies to the ten-color pages from Acrobat, for which he needs 2:21 minutes-at least for the device class. In scanning, the Pixma model works fast, in copying on average fast