iBeacons Provides Latest Leaves When You’re Coffee Thirsty

The digital publishing company Exact Edition uses iBeacons when their customers to catch future subscribers to “leaf kiosk” app on iOS.

iBeacons is small transmittorer that can send messages to the iOS 7 units when they are nearby.

It is, therefore, is a competitor of NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, but however far from so prevalent at the time of writing.

Publishers are seeing the possibilities
Exact Edition publishing house, which belongs to in London, doing in advance digital magazines, which are adapted to the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

They are using iBeacon technology to help customers reach out to possible interested based on location. It writes the TechCrunch

The technology is useful in several situations. It can for example be at cafe visit, when the newest leaf automatically POPs in on the iPad, or at the doctor so you are free to read a 5-year-old “home and away”.

“Since this is a brand new technology, we are trying the of for the first time at Bar Kick in Shoreditch, London,” explained the Exact Editions ‘ Daniel Hodgkin on technology. “When you arrive will football-margasinet ‘ When Saturday Comes ‘ in addition to fashion and culture magazine ‘ Dazed & Confused ‘ will be available.

Android can also play with
iBeacons technology is also compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, iPad, iPad mini 3 or later.

As the technology uses Bluetooth 4.0, there are several of Android mobiles which also supports iBeacon.It could be Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and HTC One just to name a few.