Huawei Gives Us a Preview of How They Will Answer Calls Android Wear with Your New Watch

Huawei has presented a while ago two new versions of the Huawei Watch: Elegant and Jewel. In principle this announcement could have gone unnoticed since it’s two amendments aimed at the female audience where all the machinery of the clock was kept equal compared to the model which we already knew. However, the Chinese company has developed a feature that soon will reach the rest of watches with Android Wear.

A few days ago we talked about how a Reddit user was testing a new version of Android Wear in a Huawei Watch. In this compilation of the system enabled the speaker which incorporates this clock which has opened up the possibility to assist phone calls from there. In the presentation made at the CES today have confirmed this function and You probably get to other users who have Android Wear with speaker.

The truth is that the announcement of Huawei It is not entirely accurate. They say that they are the first Android Wear with built-in speaker when in reality it is not. Also have it but at no time presented the original Huawei Watch as a function of the device, probably because Android Wear is not allowed to use it. We later learned that ZenWatch 2 from ASUS (submitted in June) also hid this component but not this asset.

Now it is the first time, Yes, a brand announces it publicly. Taking into account that Google doesn’t just customization margin manufacturers we understand that this function comes directly into Android Wear and is not an exclusive additive by Huawei. Google at the moment has not given any details in this regard.

Huawei has said during his presentation is true, we understand that, It is quite possible that Google made an official statement soon to announce a new version of Android Wear. This information corresponds to the rumor that we saw a few days ago by which everything points to that, indeed, there will be update for our watches soon. Pity that only a few will benefit from this feature.