How to Use:Trawler Tights

Who would have thought the trawler pantyhose would go back to fashion, huh?And not only has she come back as it’s appearing in daring looks quite different from what’s expected by both bloggers and celebrities, like it-girls Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

The fashionistas are betting on the fishnet pantyhose underneath the destroyed jeans. The idea is that the piece only appear as detail in the torn parts and ankle. For those who are even more daring, it is also fashionable to wear the highest pantyhose at the waist, leaving her sample at the navel and completing the look with a cropped.

But if you prefer the “conventional” way of wearing, the fishnet pantyhose builds beautiful and trendy looks with dresses, skirts and shorts. If you like the punk vibe she gives you can play in black, leather and velvet to complete. Now if you want to wear it lightly, feminine pieces are a good choice. Another more subtle idea of ​​use is the short half trawler that is only in the feet and adds a fashionable information without exaggerating. What do you think about the trend?

1. Trawler tights under the ripped jeans

2. Trawler Pantyhose with Skirt

3. Trawler tights with dress

4. Trawler tights with shorts

5. Fashion Short fishnet stockings