How to organize your jewelry/Bijus

Because like the clothes, the accessories should also be organized in a way that is practical and functional, preferably let in sight all your options so you can always view and know what they are. Because if people keep something that is kind of hidden at the bottom of a locked box in the closet, under the clothes, is in danger of being forgotten and never be used because not remember you have. That’s why everything should be as visible as possible.

So, I will give some suggestions of what can be used for this purpose.Already ask female jewelry be figuring in the options, but I couldn’t find anything with the masculine. Anyway, starting … have the options of plastic or acrylic boxes to put an all that they could see everything what’s inside without opening. It also has what versions of these organizers. Or can I still use wooden boxes with compartments to store your stuff. Or add felt/velvet or partitions of wood inside a drawer to open it could show. You understand?

Have these racks/cases with plastic window you can see what’s inside and that can be used as travel bag since I can wrap it up and upon arriving at the destination can unwind and hang it as a coat rack with options in sight. Practical. You can also nail on the wall a board to hang rings, bracelets, beads, etc. and such. And if you have a lot of accessory may avail themselves of a mobile for that with all these options, type pendurâncias.

It also has these little boxes of jewelry that can be specific to a type of jewelry such as rings or can be generic where I can put all. For clocks you can use a tube of felt or velvet, for example.

The board above has examples of keepers of rings and bracelets (both up here soon) and two keepers of generic stuff since these are also good ideas to make things like keys, techie stuffs and remote controls clearly visible and well kept.

And when you are traveling, be aware that there are these bags to carry jewelry/bijoux that makes it somewhere safe and sound to the destination.

Recalling that in addition to watches, rings, bracelets, beads, earrings, can use these organizers to keep cufflinks, tie fasteners.