How Should Smartphones in a Few Be Them Years? Engadget Android Questions

We are in a date with several relevant developments within the mobile sector. A few weeks ago Apple I present your new iPhone 4S, that we have already made some comparative specifications with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S II of United States. For the next week Google and Samsung they will present the new Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich. In the background there is also Microsoft and Nokia also they have their terminals with handle in sight. No detracting from any contender, because at the end and after the goal is to meet the needs of people, each with their profile and specific requirements.

Every few months we see how some manufacturers are presenting new models that, after a year, they have left behind the reference then, model making it clear that in this sector technology evolves at a rapid pace, both evolution and system requirements and applications, such as competition between manufacturers and users demand. Da igual, is a rhythm is so frenzied that it doesn’t brake. Has occurred to us that it is not bad idea to question, according to each one of you, How should the smartphones in a few years be? He studied how the leading mobile market have evolved, frees your imagination and performs an exercise in divination with your best answer.

Perhaps the question of last week, in which I asked what you seemed to be the big screen mobile, hide part of those requirements I question with this new question. On that occasion our reader Jonathan Daniel gave the best answer:

With the issue of screen size, I think that it should see it as well: between the 4(o 4.3) and 7 inch measures are more in question, since it seems to be too small to be a tablet and too big to be a mobile phone. However, in my opinion, what is this wanting to do, is to create a new concept, something that is not even a cell phone and a tablet. An evolution of both parties, but will differentiate well from the previous ones. And just a feature will be that this new concept of mobile device occupying this range of inch (4´ – 7´). So as I said, we don’t have to expect these devices to be a mobile phone or a tablet, but a different device that shares characteristics with the previous ones. Until perhaps one day have his own name… TabPhone going? hehe!!

We’d like to with the question of this week you to continue the same style, responding without fear or prejudice, because it is there where you will discover the best ideas. Remember that to do this you must resort to section of Engadget Android answers, So don’t hesitate and responded!