Hotels in Amsterdam

Hotels in Amsterdam

According to Abbreviation Finder, there are very many tourists who visit Amsterdam in relation to the city’s population. You may therefore find that many hotels are fully booked for extended periods. We recommend that you arrive early with the booking if you want to stay in a special area.

Hotels in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is divided into 8 districts, and each has its own charm. Here are some suggestions for areas to stay in, depending on what you want to experience or be close to. Keep in mind, however, that Amsterdam is not among the largest cities. It is easy to get around the city center, and thus hotel location is not as important as in other big cities.

  • The old center– If you look at the map, Amsterdam is like a Russian matryoshka doll, with several layers on top of each other. The layers are separated by the canals, and the center of these is the city’s place of origin. If you live within here, you always have a short way to all the sights, there are most restaurants, nightclubs and cafes here, you have the most shopping opportunities, and the number of hotels is highest. In the middle of the city center is the main street Damrak, with Dam Square at one end. Damrak and the side streets are where you want the hotel to be located if you want to stay in the absolute center.
  • Museum District– The most important museums in Amsterdam are close to each other. These are the Rijksmuseum (National Museum), the Stedelijk Museum (modern and contemporary art) and the Van Gogh Museum. This is a very good area to live in, and not just for those who plan to visit the museums. The surrounding streets are quiet at night, you get a short way to Vondelpark if you want to take a walk in the green, and the district offers many great cafes and good restaurants. The shopping here is also good, and you are only a short walk away from the Old Town.
  • Jordaan– This district is located west of the Old Center, and between the last two of the central canals. The Jordan is not crowded with tourists, and has a very local feel. The atmosphere is welcoming, the houses beautiful, and the hotels consistently nice. You still have walking distance to the center, but release the worst noise at night. At the same time, you will not be short of options when it comes to restaurants, bars and cafes. The advantage on that front in Jordaan is that the restaurants are where the inhabitants of Amsterdam go themselves, and you do not have to worry about tourist traps. Just make sure the hotel you choose is not too close to the busy Rozengracht main street.
  • De Pijp– This area is perfect if you want to stay where it is most hip and cool. In De Pijp, there are plenty of trendy nightclubs, bars, pubs and exciting restaurants. In the middle of De Pijp is the one kilometer long Albert Cuyp market, and in the cozy and narrow side streets are small and cozy shops, eateries, bars and cafes close together. In the “pipe” you will also find some of the city’s funniest hotels, such as the Arcade Hotel, which equips all rooms with retro video games.
  • Plantage– Many people think that Plantage is the best area to live in if you travel to Amsterdam with your family in tow. Here it is quiet and calm in the streets, and the houses are beautiful and venerable. You have sights, museums and green areas in the neighborhood, and not least the Artis Royal Zoo. At the same time you live quite centrally, with only 15 minutes to the Old Center if you use your legs. If you do not want to trudge, you can take the metro that brings you to the city center in a few minutes.
  • Bad choices– The only area you should consider avoiding living in is in the middle of the Red Light District, and especially if you are traveling to Amsterdam with children. All coffeeshops and windows with red lights aside, the district can be noisy at night. This is also where you need to be most careful about pickpockets.

Three recommended hotels in Amsterdam

  • Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky– This hotel is actually called the NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, but the original and simpler name sounds far better. Stay in a five-star luxury hotel with a historic buzz on Dam Square, in the heart of Amsterdam. During promotional periods, you can get bargain prices on Krasnapolsky, and the service is always very good.
  • Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Center– Four star hotel very central in Amsterdam. In a quiet side street to Damrak, top for shopping and sightseeing. Spa at the hotel, very good service, and often low prices all the benefits taken into account.
  • Jordaan– Very affordable hotel in the Jordaan district, with three stars. Very good reviews from guests, top service and great location. Only 34 guest rooms, so you should be out early to get booked at Mr. Jordaan. Recommended!

Health conditions

The drinking water in Amsterdam is of very high quality and can be drunk from the tap without any problems. The only thing you need to think about when you visit Holland is to take with you the Health Insurance Card that you get from NAV, and that you should always have valid travel insurance when you are traveling.

The health insurance card must be presented if you presumably need medical help. The travel insurance ensures you reimbursement of any deductibles and medicines, and ensures that you have the right to home transport and such in emergency situations.