Guadeloupe Travel Overview

Important facts

Capital: Basse-Terre

Official language: French

Continent: North America

Vacation in the Antilles

From France directly to the Caribbean and rent a bungalow by the sea? This dream can come true in Guadeloupe!


Together with Martinique, the island forms the French Antilles. The island is an overseas territory of France and therefore has the euro as its currency. Bordering island states are Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica.


Located in the Caribbean Sea, you can count on pleasantly warm water all year round. The area is therefore ideal for diving and sailing trips and beach holidays. The region is also very popular among deep-sea fishermen.


Continent: North America

Geo coordinates: N 16 ° 59 ‘45.5 “W -62 ° -4’ -3.5”

Highest mountain: Soufriere (1,467 m)

Total area: 1,780 km²

Mainland: 1,706 km²

National border: 10 km

Coastline: 306 km


Dependency: France since 1655

Other political affiliation: European Union since 1957


Electricity consumption: 1,132 million KWh

Oil consumption: 13,500 million m³

Cultivation area: 14.58%

Bovine: 90,000 pieces

Pigs: 17,300 pieces

Fishing: 11,500 t

Demographic data

Residents: 452,800

Residents in cities: 447,000

Average age: 32.2 years

0-14 years: 23.6%

15-64 years: 67.1%

> 65 years: 9.3%

Population growth: 0.88%

Birth rate: 15.05 / 1,000 residents

Death rate: 6.09 / 1,000 residents

Migration: -0.15 / 1,000 residents

Ratio men / women: 0.97

Fertility: 1.9 children / woman

Infant mortality: 8.41 ‰

Life expectancy men: 74.91 years

Life expectancy women: 81.37 years

Country codes and abbreviations

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: GP

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: GLP

ISO 3166 numeric: 312

Top Level Domain: gp


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Telephone connections: 240,000

Cell Phones: 364,000

Radios: 188,000


Paved roads: 965 km

Cars: 138,000


Number of doctors: 870

Daily food intake: 2,840 kcal / resident


Illiteracy: 9%


Main religious group: Christians


Arriving by plane

Guadeloupe’s national airline is called Air Caraïbes (TX) (Internet: Air France (AF), Corsairfly (SS) ( and LIAT Airlines (LI) (Internet: offer flight connections to the Caribbean islands. The quickest way to get to Guadeloupe is via Paris.

Flight times

Frankfurt – Guadeloupe: 12 hours 50; Vienna – Guadeloupe: 13 h 15; Zurich – Guadeloupe: 12 hours 55.

Departure fee


Arrival by ship

Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Princess Cruises, among others, call at Guadeloupe. There are numerous shipping connections between Guadeloupe and Martinique, which also call at Miami and San Juan (Puerto Rico). Ferries and hydrofoils run regularly from Pointe-à-Pitre to the Caribbean islands of Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia. Compagnie Générale Maritime ( offers weekly “banana boat ” connections from Guadeloupe to Martinique, Dominica and St. Lucia.


Traveling by plane

LIAT (LI) (Internet: and Air Caraïbe (TX) (Internet: connect Guadeloupe with the smaller islands. Air France (AF) has a limited number of inter-island flights. You can also charter.

On the way by car / bus

There is right-hand traffic. The streets in Guadeloupe are i. General Well. Locals are good drivers, but always seem to be in a hurry and safety distances are often not kept.

When entering a roundabout, you should always give others the right of way and then keep to the right until you have reached the exit. Allow extra time to travel to an appointment due to slow moving trucks and groups of cyclists.

The Point de la Gabare bridge over the Salée connects the two main islands Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre.

There is a good public bus network. Buses run from Point-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre to all cities.

Taxis are available; many car rental companiesare available.

Documents: Your own driver’s license is sufficient, but must be at least one year old. International driver’s license recommended. Right-hand traffic.

On the way by ship

Regular ferry connections between the islands:
– Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint François and Trois-Riviéres to Terre-de-Haut / Les Saintes (from Terre-de-Haut also to the neighboring island of Terre-de-Bas);
– from Pointe-à-Pitre to Grand Bourg on Marie-Galante (possibly a stopover in Saint Louis);
– Ferries commute between Marigot / St. Martin and Gustavia / St. Barthelemy.