Google Stained Black with His Experiment Web: Goodbye to The Blue in The Links of Your Search Engine?

The search engine of Google is long most visited web site in the world, so any minimal change in its design generates an enormous impact. Not in vain Google managers confessed long ago how to find the blue tone more suitable for display in their links evaluated the behavior of 41 different tones.

Such is the impact of design decisions from Google that one Associates naturally blue – but already it applies much before – of the hyperlinks with the “right way” to represent them. And that same someone as Google seems to change and experiment with other colors is shocking. It is what happened when she discovered that of are evaluating the use of the black instead of blue for those hyperlinks.

Links that are but seem not to

Google experiments in this regard have been producing over the time, and in fact find us with slightly different tones does that one actually recognize that “something is happening”. On sites like SearchEngineLand analyzed many of those small experiments that only stay on that, and it is common for users to also share those discoveries in social networks.

Those tests detected by multiple users change would be radical, and Google would be leaving the blue to make all your hyperlinks to have black, what it not only makes it more difficult to differentiate them from the text and identify those elements, but which also makes for many the appearance of the search results page more “sad”.

Are themselves responsible for the design of this page searches under great pressure for those details. Doug Bowman, which formed part of the design team of Google, left the company in 2009 after confirm that figure of the 41 shades of blue and confessing that “I’m tired of discussing such sensitive decisions. There is much more exciting design problems to solve in this world”.

It is not likely that this design decision come to consolidate and to be used on a massive scale, but if you see that design already found a way that the original using the blue appears you: get out of your Google account and go back.