Google Nominate the Year’s Best Applications.

The year’s best applications on Google Play Big is missing your voice.

Google Play Large holds, as of today, their own Oscar Awards for game and app developers. Unlike Hollywood’s star-studded Academy Award, can Play big users themselves decide who runs with the honor.
Here are the six categories which Play Large Award is awarded in:


–          ‘I Can’t Quit You’: the year’s most addictive game.

–         ‘Old School, Still Cool’: the year’s best franchise games.

–          ‘Lights, Camera, Games!‘: Best feature film-based games.

–          ‘Quietly Brilliant’: Most useful app for everyday life.

–          ‘At Your Service’: Best app for trade and service.

–          ‘I love Google’: This year’s Google application.

Join us to determine who should run with honour at dere to cast your vote here. Our site follows up with coverage of the popular apps.