Google Improves Fast Responses from Google Android N Messenger 4 Preview

Quick answers – or Quick Reply – is a new implementation introduced in Android by which you can respond directly from notifications, instead of resorting to floating windows or having to open the main application window.

As you might expect, Google was the first to set an example to include the function in Hangouts and Google Messenger, but you can also find it on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. The operation is in all similar cases: you receive a notification, and from it you can write a response and send it. Then closes the notification.

Now Google teaches us a small change that improves the experience of fast responses, as you can see in the Google Messenger included in Android N Preview 4 release. The notification becomes a thumbnail of the conversation, and to send your response window does not close immediately.

You can see exactly how it works in this animated GIF of Android Police. Basically the notification can be expanded to view a history of recent messages, and is maintained once you’ve sent your response.


This implementation of the rapid response does not have why to be replicated in other applications that use the function, but makes far more sense than response almost blindly (without seeing the latest messages) and shipment with closure we saw previously. Hopefully more developers to make use of this API to give more details to the messaging notifications.