From ‘Junk’ to ‘Clean’, Selection Shirt Causes Divergence Between Stylists

The shirt of the Brazilian team is often controversial, and if it is used in the World Cup in Brazil it is even harder to please everyone. Not even some of the best-known designers in Brazil reach a consensus on the shirt, which has gained adjectives ranging from ‘clean’ to ‘junk’.

The UOL Esporte consulted three fashion experts to assess the uniform, launched last Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. The model, which is similar to that used in the Confederations Cup and reminiscent of the 1990 World Cup model, did not please everyone.

The stylist from Minas Gerais Ronaldo Fraga was harsh in his criticism “It’s crap.Being a Cup in Brazil there was the expectation that they brought a little of the tradition that has the selection, but uniting with the modern one. There was nothing left. It’s not modern or retro. ”

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Cruzeiro’s supporter and son of a former player, Ronaldo has a strong connection with football and has even launched a line inspired by the sport. For him, the uniforms of the Italian and Japanese selections are a reference in style of beauty.Even the daring Croatian uniform is praised by Fraga.

“There are some uniforms that remain, which you may even find exaggerated, but do not forget. This is a uniform that will not stay, “he said. In his view, the option for a more basic shirt is absent from Brazilian culture. “That thin collar has a clean pretension, being that our culture is not that, Brazil is not that. Of course I wanted something bolder, “he said.

Fashion designer Maxime Perelmuter approves the ‘clean’ look proposed by Nike.For him, CBF’s sports material supplier follows its current proposal of more basic products with few seams, although much technology is used for production.

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Perelmuter, who is Addict’s current creative director and has had passes for Ellus, thinks the shirt has a slight retro inspiration and celebrates the fact that some mistakes made in the Confederations Cup uniform have been corrected.

“I thought what I saw was good, they fixed some questions about the construction of the product in relation to the Confederations Cup. They solved a fist that did not dress well, was large, wide with four to five fingers, “he said.

Fashion journalist André do Val, who worked with Gloria Kalil and Erika Palomino, highlights the vintage ‘air’ of the pieces and the quest for comfort.”With this Y-neck, Brazil’s Cup uniform looked like a vintage piece, which seems to be an effort to rescue the golden age of the national team in the 1960s and 1970s,” he said.

“The tissues are designed so that sweat evaporates more quickly through ventilation zones through small laser-cut holes (in the armpits and hip). Even the socks have buffer zones on the thumb and ankle, to protect against impacts,”he said.