France Travel Overview

France Travel Overview

Important facts

Capital: Paris (See more on ITYPEJOB.COM)

Official language: French

Currency: Euro (exchange rates)

Continent: Western Europe

“City of Love”, there are many sights to discover. The city’s landmark is the Eiffel Tower, which was built at the end of the 19th century to mark the centenary of the French Revolution l ‘Arc de Triumph, le Grand Arche, the Louvre, la Notre-Dame de Paris etc. In a suburb of Paris is the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the residence of the former French kings.

Euro Disney

The Disneyland® Resort Paris is located near Paris, where families with children in particular spend their holidays. The theme park is divided into five themed areas: Adventureland, Frontierland, Main Street USA, Discoveryland and Fantasyland. They are arranged around the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the symbol of Disneyland.

The French Riviera

Many tourists also come to France to spend their holidays on the glamorous Côte d’Azure. The Côte d’Azure stretches on the French south coast from Cassis (Bouches-du-Rhône) to Menton on the Italian border. The most famous city on the Côte d’Azur is Cannes, which is known worldwide for the annual international film festival. The boulevard de la Croisette with numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars leads through the seaside resort. Of course, everything is in a very high price range.

Holidays in Corsica

According to Countryaah, many tourists also spend their holidays on the French island of Corsica. Corsica enchants with its rugged cliffs, with its small hidden bays and with its fjords, which can only be reached by sea.

The port city of Marseille

Finally, another great tip for a vacation in France is the port city of Marseille. Many well-to-do yachts are anchored here and can be admired while strolling along the harbor. Marseille also has many sights to offer, such as the Notre-Dame de la Garde church. It is the symbol of Marseille and at the same time the highest point in the city.

Important facts

Capital: Paris

Official language: French


Currency (sub-unit)

Euro (100 cents)

ISO 4217 code

EUR / 978


Continent: Europe

Region: west

Geo coordinates: N 46 ° 13 ‘39.5 “E 2 ° 12’ 49.5”

Highest mountain: Mont Blanc (4,807 m)

Total area: 547,030 km²

Mainland: 545,630 km²

National border: 2,892 km

Coastline: 3,427 km


Dependency: independent since foundation

Dependent states: French Guiana since 1817
Guadeloupe since 1655
Martinique since 1635
New Caledonia since 1853
French Polynesia since 1845
St. Pierre and Miquelon since 1604
Réunion since 1638
Wallis and Futuna since 1842
Mayotte since 1843

Formerly dependent states: Burkina Faso until 1960
Benin until 1960
Congo until 1960
Central African Republic until 1960
Ivory Coast until 1960
Cameroon until 1960
Djibouti until 1977
Algeria until 1962
Gabon until 1960
Guinea until 1958
Haiti until 1804
Cambodia until 1953
Comoros until 1975
Laos until 1949
Lebanon until 1943 (mandate)
Morocco until 1956
Madagascar until 1960
Mali until 1960
Mauritania until 1960
Niger until 1958
Senegal until 1960
Syria, Arab Republic until 1946 (mandate)
Chad until 1960
Togo until 1960 (UNO mandate)
Tunisia until 1960
Vietnam until 1945
Vanuatu until 1980

UN member since: 1945

Other political affiliation: European Union since 1957

Form of government: Parliamentary republic

Houses of Parliament: bikameral

Party system: Multi-party system

State building: decentralized unitary state

Political culture: Civic culture

Particularities: double executive


France GDP - gross domestic product

Export goods: Steel goods, vehicles, machines

BSP: $ 1,967,200,000,000

GDP: $ 2,063,787,000,000

GDP purchasing power parity: $ 1,880,000,000,000

Economic growth: 1.7%

Agriculture share of GDP: 2.2%

Industry share of GDP: 22%

GDP share of services: 75.8%

Inflation rate: 1.9%

Unemployment: 9.6%

State Budget Income: $ 4294967295

State budget expenditure: $ 4,294,967,295

Public debt: 65.4%

Export: $ 508.1 billion

Import: $ 539.9 billion

External debt: $ 2,908 billion

Gold and currency reserves: $ 73.92 billion

Consumption: 452,000 million KWh

Gas reserves: 14,330 million m³

Gas production: 1,388 million m³

Gas consumption: 45,660 million m³

Oil reserves: 144 million m³

Oil production: 81,090 million m³

Oil consumption: 2,123,000 million m³

Cultivation area: 35.44%

Cattle: 18,530,000 head

Pigs: 15,340,000 heads

Sheep: 9,290,000 heads

Fishing: 896,000 t

Demographic data

Population: 60,876,200

Population in cities: 46,482,000

Minorities: Basques, Bretons, Flemings, Jews, etc.

Average age: 39.1 years

0-14 years: 18.3%

15-64 years: 65.3%

> 65 years: 16.4%

growth: 0.35%

Birth rate: 12.15 / 1,000 inhabitants

Death rate: 9.14 / 1,000 population

Migration: 0.66 / 1,000 residents

Ratio men / women: 0.95

Fertility: 1.84 children / woman

Infant mortality: 4.21 ‰

Life expectancy men: 76.1 years

Life expectancy women: 83.54 years

Country codes and abbreviations

ISO 3166 Alpha 2: FR

ISO 3166 Alpha 3: FRA

ISO 3166 numeric: 250

Top Level Domain: fr

IOC country code: FRA


Source: Abbreviationfinder


Telephone connections: 35,193,000

Cell Phones: 43,090,000

Radios: 56,120,000

TV: 39,510,000

Computer: 23,480,000

Internet users: 25,870,000


Railway lines: 28,345 km

Paved roads: 891,476 km

of which expressways: 10,430 km

Cars: 30,410,000

Merchant fleet (ships over 1,000 GRT): 61

Pipelines: 22,772


Number of doctors: 224,300

Daily food intake: 3,670 kcal / resident

HIV- infected people: 133,000


Illiteracy: 1 %


Foundation: 498

Last sovereign since: 498


Main religious group: Christians

Distribution of religions: 82% Cath.; 4.5 million Muslims.; 0.8 million Protestants; 0.7 million Jews


Prison inmates: 55,800


Armed forces (troop strength): 252,000

Main battle tank: 880

Battleships: 40

Submarines: 12

Warplanes: 510

Helicopter: 630

Nuclear warheads: 360

Defense Spending: $ 45 billion