Flexcell Sunpac: Roll Up Solar Cell

There is something interesting in the area of mobile solar chargers once again. The Swiss company Flexcell offers different Sunpack models lightweight, compact and rollable solar chargers for people who don’t can forgo device or digital camera also away from civilization energy for mobile phone, GPS.

The Sunpacks exists in different versions with a power of 7 and 14 Watts. In addition Flexcell the Sunpack offers ion +, which has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2.4 Ah. Rolled out the Sunpack offers a solar surface of respectable 35 x 90 cm or 35 x 150 cm, so a much larger area than all mobile solar chargers I have presented so far here in the blog. However, the Sunpack by the bulk of the weight is somewhat unwieldy: 35 x 5.5 cm at 500 g and 35 x 6.5 cm at 740 g.

The Sunpack is equipped with a universal cigarette lighter socket, so you can charge almost any electrical device that. It is also supplied with a kit of adapters that allow loading of most mobile phones, i-pods, GPS, etc..

However, the most interesting thing in this solar charger is the performance. According to manufacturer (with the Sunpack 14 and under optimal weather conditions of course) a mobile phone be in just one hour fully charged. The charging time can be reduced again by switching parallel two or even more Sunpacks.
The Sunpack ion + charging fully in about 7 hours, which has only the “small” solar surface of the Sunpack 7.

The Flexcell Sunpack is an interesting system and a powerful alternative to the rather weak chest-small solar chargers as they found many on the market, even if it is not necessarily the most compact and lightest.

The Sunpack 7 for About 150 eurosis available the Sunpack 14 for Around 200 euros, and the Sunpack ion + also for Less than 200 euros.