First Video Analysis of The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (In Italian)

Yesterday Google and Samsung presented the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. We were giving live coverage on Twitter, but also collecting all the data with the corresponding articles.

Some journalists and privileged bloggers were able to attend the event, held in Hong Kong and, as you might expect, some have returned home with a mobile test, to analyze it. As is the case of our site who has recorded two videos exposing the features of the operating system and the mobile. The video is with audio in Italian, but it is enough for us to take a look, almost at first hand, and to discover more details about both products. Enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, analysis in video (in Italian)

In this video We are going to be able to differentiate several details many have pointed out.

  • The first is that is perceived well the curve of the screen, of the same style as the Nexus S, although not nonusers as pronounced as some you meant after seeing the promotional video.
  • You can also clearly see its dimension, greater than the of the Samsung Galaxy S II, something I personally did not and which I has cooled enough. Detail that we already presuponíamos is that the display looks spectacular and the response to display gestures are soft and without lag/delay.
  • I have loved the light of the notifications, something we missed very much in need to say goodbye to the Nexus One and yes I have seen in the Sony Ericsson.
  • Presentation Yes could be seen as it will be the charge and sync dock, Although it has me confused how will be resolved that the contact points are on the same side as the power button. Perhaps the dock includes a button on the front for this issue.
  • The processor It has seemed correct and almost what expected me, because Google never imposes the best processor, since that prefers to put a more moderate model so that manufacturers can then play with versions equal to or greater.
  • I’ve not liked the back, Maybe it’s because expect it me metal, as that seems to be the version which will be DoCoMo.
  • The photo camera also expect me it with more resolution than those 5MPx, but the post-processing software found me so interesting, as in the the shot with zero lag/delay that the rest of complaints have forgotten me.

Not be you, but I’m going to need to see it in my hand and the Pocket to decide. By the way, those of our site commented that the price It could be between the 500 and 600 euros, Although that remains to be seen what when you arrive in Spain. We go with the first video.

Ice Cream Sandwich, video (in Italian) analysis

In another video already introduced part of the novelties of Ice Cream Sandwich most striking, but in the second video

  • I liked that they have taken advantage of the good ideas of Honeycomb 3.2, Although certainly expected me a less dark interface. The black in areas with direct sunlight is fatal and in general much more tired at the sight. Expected me something more from the interface, taking back to Matias Duarte, the ex-Chief of WebOS UI design.
  • I liked how they will treat now the Folders management.
  • In general I liked the redesign of all the Google applications, but in relation to its ease of use rather than the interface just.
  • Thought me it obvious that finally the dock possible Configure to your liking.
  • I liked the transparency and management of data consumption, something that everyone will appreciate to avoid surprises to make ends meet.
  • The new contact management I think spectacular, but above all its integration with system-wide.

Missing quite a few details of the new system, but already warn it is a first contact and what we show will serve to get an idea of this new update.

Indeed, the question of this week raised precisely did you think the Galaxy Nexus, so do not miss it and state your opinion there.