Find a Cheap Iphone? Beware, It Could Be an Ifake

It would be totally unfair to point China as a country that only knows how to make copies of consecrated Western products.Japan and Korea started like this.

The truth is that the Chinese are turning into a technological power.But this rapid evolution carries problems as well.And one of the biggest is counterfeiting.

According to Areacodesexplorer, the first time I heard of fake iPhones was through a conversation with a seller of a major magazine in Shopping.

He told me that a person came into the store asking for information about his iPhone (bought who knows where), because he could not download any applications.

The salesperson called an Apple representative who was in the store.He examined the device, waited for the “customer” to leave and commented to the seller: “It’s fake.”(The store was not an Apple Store).

Well done copies

For this week the Shanghai police dismantled an operation to manufacture and sell fake iPhones to the Chinese market.

The components came from the southern province of Guangdong, and would be set up in Shanghai.

According to police reports that participated in the operation, the fake iPhones were a very well made copy, and apparently difficult to distinguish from the original.

After some tests, the Chinese authorities concluded that iFake performed all the functions of an original iPhone.The main difference was in battery capacity: much smaller.

This is not the first episode involving Apple’s fakes in China.Recently a series of fake Apple stores were closed in the province of Kunming.