Facebook Knows What Visits and Will Use It to Show You Advertising… Even If You Don’t Have Account

“Taking people best ads”. His article which explains an important change in your Facebook Audience Network has thus entitled Facebook. So far, and through this initiative, the social network enabled applications and web sites display advertising customized to every Facebook user according to their interests and other information they had about him. Today, apps and pages may serve customized ads to non-users of Facebook.

Wait, wait… custom ads to non-users? How does the social network that information if such persons are, in fact, non-users? On this they do not delve into release, although in an interview after the Wall Street Journal. Do you see the button “I like” which appears on nearly every page of Internet? Or the typical “widgets” that are fans of a page? All of them serve to “follow you” beyond where you go, even if you don’t have account.

“Our buttons and plug-ins sent us information about the navigation of users sessions. Non-users of Facebook, before not we used it. Now use it to better understand how to direct us to them”, in the words of Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook ads. Note the nuances: information both users collect it equally as well as non-users, but in the second case they simply not used to advertising.

“Our buttons and plug-ins sent us information about the navigation of users sessions”

For Facebook, This is a giant step: its lucrative business of ads has grown with the passage of time, only display advertising within your social network to do so out of it, and now also to non-users. Get squarely to compete against Google and do a specialized network of advertising with 1,650 million users (registered on Facebook) and other so many millions are not but know that perfectly for their browsing habits. All this is very juicy for advertisers.

Facebook is everywhere

Facebook to gather this information is not new and, unless you resort to any extension that locks the buttons and other elements of Facebook, you can do nothing to prevent it. Yes, you can turn off custom ads, to show you but just that: the information is still collecting, only that will not use it for that.

It is not the first time that Facebook garnered headlines by gathering information from people without your service account. In 2013, and after a leak, confirmed the existence of the “shadow profiles”: invisible profiles created of “non-users” from information coming from various sources, including the calendars or contacts of people who used the functionality of finding people known in the service.

“I have no Facebook account because I don’t want to give up my privacy”. We are sure that on more than one occasion you’ve heard a similar phrase, but if something confirmed by today’s announcement, it is giving same you decide to not create a profile: Facebook is everywhere, knows what visits and what you like, and It is almost impossible to escape from it.