Eswatini Brief Information

Eswatini Brief Information

Tours in Eswatini, a small country in southern Africa, will be the perfect trip for those who crave the exotic. This country is striking in contrast: regions in which more than half of the population live below the poverty line successfully coexist with modern cities that have elite resort areas with luxury hotels and prestigious shopping and entertainment centers. Rest in Eswatini for all tourists from Moscow and other regions will be the most exciting journey: mountain picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, originality and traditions of the local population unusual for many, and, of course, the most memorable safari.

Holidays in the country are available all year round and Eswatini tour operator will offer the most colorful individual tours with visits to Aboriginal settlements, Mshaya and Malolotzha nature reserves, Mlilvane natural park with the famous Execution Rock, and the spectacular rituals of Ncwala and Umhlanga will leave vivid and conflicting memories for a long time.

The country of contrasts and contradictions exists! And this country bears the proud name of Eswatini!

The capital is Mbabane.

Area – 17,364 sq. km.

Population – 920 thousand people.

Official languages ​​- English, Swazi.

The monetary unit is the lilangeni. 1 lilangeni = 1 South African rand.

The form of government is a constitutional monarchy.

Time is one hour behind Moscow in winter, and two hours in summer.

Religion – Christianity, local traditional beliefs.

No vaccinations are required to visit Eswatini, malaria preventive pills are recommended.

The climate of the country is dry. According to bridgat, the average monthly temperature in summer is about +22°C, in winter – from +12 to +15°C. The hottest month is October. The rainy season lasts from December to April. The best time to visit the country is the middle of winter (June – August).

How to get there. There are regular flights between Johannesburg, Durban and Eswatini airports (Manzini and Metsah).

Eswatini is 30 min. driving from the airport in Nelspruit (South Africa), and, as a rule, visiting Eswatini combined with travel from the Kruger Park area to KwaZulu Natal or back. One of the smallest countries in Africa, it borders on South Africa and Mozambique. Travelers are attracted here by the beauty of mountain landscapes, rich wildlife, the possibility of safari and the original culture of local residents. One of the smallest countries in Africa, it borders on South Africa and Mozambique. Travelers are attracted here by the beauty of mountain landscapes, rich wildlife, the possibility of safari and the original culture of local residents. They lie in the foothills of the Lebombo Range. Rare plants grow here, many animals live here: hyenas, leopards, hippos, samango, crocodiles, antelopes, zebras and more than 350 species of birds. Artifacts of the Stone Age have been found in the reserve, tourist archaeological trails have been laid here.

How to get there. 1.5 hours from Mbabane or 1 hour from Manzini by ground transfer.

Recommended hotels: Shewula Mountain Camp.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary – the second most important park in Eswatini (4560 hectares) – is located just 10 km from the capital to the south towards Manzini. In the southern part of the park is the granite mountain Nyonene, known as the “rock of executions”. There are many rock paintings in the mountains. Nearby is the famous Mantenga waterfall. There are many animals and more than 200 varieties of birds, including the purple loris (one of the symbols of the country). On the Great Usutu River, rafting, rock climbing and horseback riding are very developed.

How to get there. 20 minutes. from Mbabane.

Recommended hotels: Relly`s Rock Hilltop Lodge.

The Mkhaya Game Reserve is the third nature reserve in the country, its territory is occupied by dense shrubs, which creates a special flavor during a safari.

How to get there. 1 hour from Mbabane or 40 min. from Manzini by ground transfer.

Recommended hotels: Stone Camp.

The reserve Malolotzha is located 20 km northwest of the capital. Several species of birds listed in the Red Book live here. One of the oldest mines in the world (about 40 thousand years old) is located on this territory. There are many waterfalls in the park, and it is named after the country’s highest waterfall located here.

How to get there. From Mbabane 30 min. ground transfer.

Local rites and ceremonies

Curious centuries-old rites and ceremonies have been preserved in Eswatini , eyewitnesses of which become witnesses of interesting mysterious rituals that have a clear religious connotation and link the nation with its past.

Umhlanga or Reed Dance is the choice of brides, the most colorful of all ceremonies, when virgins from all over the Kingdom gather to greet the queen mother and the monarch. Girls in traditional costumes with a cane in their hands perform a ritual dance in front of them, thus expressing national unity.

Ceremony Nswala (Ncwala) – “Ceremony of the first fruits” personifies national purification and begins with the fact that a select group of warriors collect water from the Indian Ocean and deliver it to the Royal Kraal. After that, the king calls the people together to bless the first fruits they have picked.

Eswatini Brief Information