Essential Guide to How to Choose a Backpack Freighter

Undeniably the cargo bag is one of the icons, visually speaking, of any practitioner of outdoor activities. Is the equivalent to the leather jacket to the rocker, thecowboy hat to the backcountry or the CAP to the rapper.

On your cargo bag will contain the your home wherever you go. Whether you’re a backpacker, climber, Hitchhiker, camper, Mountaineer or any other outdoor activity you need to load a “world of things” on the back, your backpack will accompany the cargo.

The important thing is to establish the parameters that define a cargo bag.

Backpack “freighter” is any backpack with capacity of between 55 to 90 litres.There are experts and theorists defining the cargo bag to even a smaller capacity than the above.

Essential Guide to How to Choose a Backpack Freighter 1

But despite the disagreement, the limit above is widely used by the industry range of backpacks. Below this capacity are backpacks of attack (from 15 to 40 litres).

If you have a backpack, or even tasted a and this hurt him: throw it away !!

A backpack should NEVER hurt your back. What is a nuisance today, could turn into more serious injury later.


All cargo must have adequate padding backpack in the region that will be in contact with the back.

Is not necessarily the amount of padding, and yes the quality of it, IE not impress with exaggeratedly quilted broadsides.

The explanation of the need for padding is due to the fact that the cargo to be loaded to be weighed, and so must not hurt the user.

All cargo quality backpack must be prepared for the absorption of perspiration as well as being resistant to abrasion.

A cargo quality backpack has a good back ventilation system minimize sweat.

A quality product also offers the option of height adjustment.

In the back there’s a frame to preserve the shape of the bag.

This is the internal frame backpack.

The amount of padding does not always determine the comfort and efficiency of the backpack.

It is essential that the user should try the product before you buy.


The handles of your backpack are padded, and also contains a unique feature to all-cargo: the amount of tapes.

The amount of adjustment tapes is also an indicator of quality of a cargo bag.

Quality products have variations in amount of ribbons and buckles of adjustments.

Essential Guide to How to Choose a Backpack Freighter 2


All backpack cagueiraSHOULD have an adjustable barrigueira.

She serves so that the weight of the backpack is distributed to the user.

The barrigueira must be adjustable, and have a quality padding for comfort to the user.

Top quality backpacks have small pockets in barrigueira to offer small material storage options.

Side pockets

Cargo bag in General has side pockets for basic items to be stored and can be accessed quickly, such as food, medicine or maps.

The side pockets must not be too big so they don’t allow anything stored on it take the balance of the user.


A good tip to those who think of buying any cargo bag is that has zippers (orclose eclair in Portugal) is checking the mark “YKK.”

This tip serves to identify if the backpack is of quality, or whether it was made in the method known popularly as “xing-ling”.

The best zipper in any product market is this brand. A product of superior design allows quick access to internal content.

Access this through zippers in your external body or by another type of access.

Essential Guide to How to Choose a Backpack Freighter 3

How to choose a backpack freighter

1–keep in mind what type of use will give your backpack

To know which bag purchase, think about what you will use for your backpack. The more extreme the use you plan to give your backpack, the more quality you have to have the bag.

There are backpacks manufactured for light and high mountain hikes, it is investigating what the quality of each item above.

2–Prioritize the quality of each item

For more “salty” is the price, a cargo quality backpack’s worth being bought.

Always try to run away from fads and innovations that seek to “reinvent the wheel”.

A backpack that is entitled to quality, but does not have some of the items cited above, do not believe in the labia of the seller’s cheating on you.