Enamels Beauty Fair: News and Spring/Summer Collections

When it comes to nail polish all the news is welcome. Who really likes matter is always interested in trends and does not disappoint.

. In Beauty Fair this year that happened between 10 and 13 September many novelties were shown to the public for the first time and who gave did not repent. Check out a few of them at http://www.health-beauty-guides.com/:

3D Pearly Effects Collection (Frost) – two glazes with shimmering brightness, Nasa and Alpha. Cover to be used on top of another enamel that gives a multicoloured effect.

Brazilian Mix Collection (Beauty Color) – With eight new colors this collection follows the domestic and international fashion trends. Ideal for spring-summer 2012.

Chromic Collection (penalizes Angel) – Has 12 chrome Nail Polish colors. They are divided in two lines, Moranguinhu and Make (warm colours) and Smustyle (cool colors).

Collection of enamels Aurora Borealis (Ludurama) – composed of 12 colors inspired by the most amazing phenomenon of nature. The glazes have a imported pigment guarantees a unique glow effect. It is worth remembering that the pigment is unheard of in Brazil.

Pure Glam Collection (penalizes Angel)-in this collection glazes are developed with hexagonal glitter. The unique technology in Brazil produces an effect no less amazing.

The collection Disc (Impala) – this collection is to remember the old times. Composed of 8 colors inspired by the years 1970 and the disco Studio 54 in New York.