Dressed for the New Year:Blazer

Blazer and uddabyxor belongs without doubt one of the most common combinations of festklädseln. Sad may seem, but with the right details, this combination can be an equally stylish alternative to nyårsklädseln uniform costume.

Jacket & Pants
The foundations of a neat combination of blazer and uddabyxor is that the materials as well as the colors fit together. Skip the glossiest jacket for stenslitna jeans, which can become a well hard contrast. A dark blue or grey uddablazer is a good starting point. Combine with gray flannel pants or bomullschinos for example, in Brown. Jeans are also a nice option, but skip the most worn variants tillförmån for a model of unwashed denim quality.

Unlike the tuxedo and to some extent also the suit allows the combination jacket and uddabyxor a greater choice in the color of the shirt. At the same time, it is on special occasions often best to opt for a relatively light shirt with no or mighty discreet pattern. Look instead for a shirt with a bit of texture and luster of the fabric.

Whether it’s worn jeans and tailored wool pants are the shoes that set the standard for the upholstery. This combination allows a wide range of models with everything for the pared-down sneakers to classy lace-up shoes. Or monk straps for that matter.

Much of this has already been noted in previous articles about nyårsklädseln, but the patience to be said again. The right accessories can really brighten the overall feeling. To this a bit more casual type of attire is sidenhalsduken a wide range of options. Complete with stylish stockings, cufflinks and a handkerchief.

Blazer Mabro (private), shirt Alessandro Gherardi (private), scarf, handkerchief Stenströms Amanda Christensen, shoes Santoni (private).